Film Processing

Browns Guardian Pharmacy has a self-serve Kodak Kiosk that is simple to use.

The kiosk allows printing digital photos from digital media (such as a CD or a digital memory card), as well as the ability to scan existing photos and perform simple edits and photo-enhancements using the touch screen.

You are also able to print photos from your phone wirelessly using the Bluetooth feature or the Kodak Kiosk Connect App, which is available from the Apple App Store.

The Kodak kiosk uses a variety of picture enhancement tools which allows you to make your photos better.

These include:

  • Red-eye and reduction
  • Sepia and black and white effect
  • Zoom and Crop
  • Photo restoration
  • Facial Retouch
  • Addition of text, borders (including special borders for holiday seasons and celebratory days).

The kiosk prints photos in multiple sizes and enlargements. You are able to choose between individual sizes, including 4×6, 5×7, 6×8, and 8×10. The kiosk can also print photo IDs, as well as automatically generated collages, monthly & yearly calendars and greeting cards. It is also capable of burning Picture CDs.

Although this is a self-serve kiosk, Front shop staff are always available and willing to assist you in the operation of the machine so that you are able to achieve the best results possible.